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Version 3.5.0 | Hodel


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 Speed tracking

  [km/h -mph - kn]

  [Head Up Display]

Acceleration from
  [0-100 km/h] 
  [0-60 mph]
  [0-30 kn]
  in sec tracking

Quarter mile
0-1/4 mi ->
   0-402 m
   in sec tracking

 Travel direction
   [GPS- |

 Speed alert

 Maximal speed

 Average speed


 Distance traveled

 Reset values
   [max speed]
   [avg. | distance]

 Color chooser
   [skin or leds]

 Visual GPS

iPhone 5 - 4"
   iPad Retina

Use cases:

Speedometer xPro classic Hodel Apps iPhone

color speedometer xpro hodel apps iPhone

HUD Head Up Display

 Ok, so the HUD (heads up display) is so very awesome, 
and extremely accurate, (alot better at night of course) 
just like what comes on the Corvette and other high-end cars! 
I am amazed at what you can get for a buck, 
great app!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! ‟
v 3.0.0 - US App Store - by FeedDaFrogThing -✭✭✭✭✭
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version 3.0.0

Shared Experiences - Reviews

"This app is awesome.
Best dollar I've spent at the App Store yet!

 by Surveillance27 - Canada App Store - v. 3.4.0

"So wie es sein soll Keine Probleme
Version 3.2.3 - by EbiJ - German App Store

"Speedo pro 3.0 is the perfect app for any motor head or backseat granny! A truly functional tool for performance and travel. I love the versatility and optional graphics. Easy to operate to. Looking forward to taking it to the salt flats this fall."
Version 3.0.0 - by Highplainsroller - US App Store

"One hour into a 37 hour trip across country from Maryland to Wyoming the speedometer in our Denali stopped working. Even at standstill the reading was 60mph and driving brought it quickly to over 120mph with no idea what our real speed was. While dozing off to sleep in the passenger seat my husband had the brilliant idea to look for a speedometer ap. This ap isn't just "cool" but was really needed for middle of the night driving with no other drivers around to help gauge speed. And the reverse reflective windshield display is awesome! Thumbs up!"
Version 3.0.0 - by Jet_X - US App Store

"Works well, has plenty of features. I find the 'distance covered' calculator useful when out on a boat. My only negative is that the 'current speed' takes a while to catch up, maybe it's 3-4 seconds behind when you are accelerating. All-in-all, a great value app that works well."
Version 3.0.0 by JFlapperwaggonbigbits UK App Store

"Just got the free version before..... While I was driving and amazingly 110% precise!! I was laughing so much it was reacting exactly same as my speedo on my dash! And on exact same speed! Unbeleivable! So I came and bought the full/pro version 5 minutes later! Money well spent 5 stars!"
Version 2.0.0 - by Muhammed Kalem - Australia App Store

"Perfect app, works and looks great."
Version 3.0.0 - by Solzieeee - Canada App Store

Download Speedometer xPro on the App Store

Did you ever want to know,
how fast the driver is driving,
or what direction you travel to.

How fast you are accelerating,
or what was the top/max speed on your trip.
Then this App has the answer for you.

Download Speedometer xPro on the App  Store